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Feature Request: like style-token of notepad++ Issue #11696 microsoft vscode

Fortunately, the article provides a comprehensive guide on how to recover notepad files on Windows (10/11). You will find ways out here whether to recover unsaved notepad files or recover deleted notepad files. Notepad and Notepad++ are both useful apps for quickly jotting down notes, reminders or ideas, and saving the notes as a text […]

How to step by step setup Notepad++ to run Python scripts by Bernard Never too late to machine learn

Notepad++ has a plugin called Compare that can be used to compare two files. To install this plugin, select “Plugins” from the menu bar and select “Plugin Manager”. Then select “Show Plugin Manager” and search for “Compare”. Once you have installed the plugin, you can compare two files by selecting “Plugins” from the menu bar […]

What is Notepad++ App and How to Use?

Change the tab width until it matches your old indentation. Then convert tabs to spaces (Edit/Blank Operations/TAB to space). And never ever use tab characters in the future! (Settings/Preferences/Tab Settings/Replace by space). In this method, we will be installing the XML Tools plugin through Plugin Manager. By default, there is no option available to format/indent […]